Mepkin Lecture: Your Second to Last Chapter

Mepkin Lecture: Your Second to Last Chapter

Presented by Paul Wilkes
Friday, February 2, 2018

Paul Wilkes to present Mepkin lecture on “Your Second to Last Chapter”

On Friday, February 2, 2018, Paul Wilkes, author of Beyond the Walls, will be giving a lecture on his recent book, Your Second to Last Chapter, Creating a Meaningful Life on Your Own Terms . What Paul Wilkes calls “Your Second to Last Chapter” could be the longest chapter in a lot of lives…no major financial worries for many, kids gone, but that something stirring inside that you still can make a difference.

Paul believes this is a time of life when we can reawaken that idealism we all felt at one time in our lives…and live it out. We need another kind of paycheck. Something that money cannot buy. He began to see that these years can be a great new adventure. No longer career-driven, but purpose- and mission-driven to somehow make this world a better place. For Paul, it happened looking into the face of an orphan girl in India, cruelly blinded to make her a “better beggar.” That’s when he founded Homes of Hope India. Paul says, “Ten years later, with 800 orphan girls safe and going to school in our six houses, I can’t quite believe the miracle of it.”

This lecture is open to the public; $10 payable at the door. Please pre-register at