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Joy Never Ending — Nov. 13, 2016

Genesis 28: 11 – 18;  I Peter 2 : 4 – 9;  John 15 : 9 – 17

How awesome is this place.  This is none other than the House of God.  This is the very Gate of Heaven…  You are living stones, chosen and precious…  You did not choose me, but I have chosen you.

These are the Scriptures we have heard, my brothers and sisters.  These are the Scriptures which give meaning to our lives and to this day, this day we call JOY NEVER ENDING.  Together they form the envelop which surrounds us and in which we bathe, by which we are nourished and through which we are energized to run the race to the end.

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OCSO Novice Directors gather at Saint Joseph Abbey

IMG_0468On May 16th, Fr. Kevin Walsh joined 14 of the novice directors from other Cistercian monasteries in the United States for a meeting at Saint Joseph Abbey in Spencer, MA. Gathered were five directors from women’s houses (including one from the common observance house of women in Idaho) and ten directors from men’s houses. Sessions were focused on the topic of spiritual accompaniment using Dom Bernardo Olivera’s book A Light for my Path to organize the presentations and discussions.

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Homily for the 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) — June 12, 2016 Given by Fr. Joe Tedesco

The Christian journey is the journey to come to live the fullness of God’s life.  Jesus shows us the way.  And today we have in the scriptures examples of the process:  What must happen in us to come to our true selves at the deepest level.  We start with the recognition that we have constructed a false self to protect ourselves from pain, rejection, feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, of not feeling loveable. You don’t realize it until you have an encounter with self, a moment of insight, a recognition of weakness, of sin, a realization of a real need.  Then comes the moment of truth that this is not who you really are and we then come to understand that we are on two journeys in life.

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Father Jim Caffrey — our new postulant

Fr Jim

On January 12th, 2016, the memorial of Saint Aelred, Father Jim Caffrey began his time as a postulant at Mepkin Abbey arriving from Dublin, Ireland. A priest of the Archdiocese of Dublin, Father Jim had visited Mepkin a number of times, lived with us for an extended period as an observer and came to hold firmly that God is calling him to join the community at Mepkin. It was all the unfolding of his response to God’s call to live the life of a contemplative monk. His years of service as a diocesan priest included parish work and many years as director of the Office for Young Adults. In each parish he offered the faithful the opportunity to learn about contemplative prayer, in particular lectio divina. Kindly keep Father Jim in your prayers and pray for those men involved in a process of discernment with us believing God may be calling them to enter Mepkin.


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Jason Allen — with us as an ‘observer’

Jason Allen

We are pleased to have Jason Allen return Mepkin to in order to have a time with us as an observer. Jason has visited Mepkin previously and grown in his belief that God is calling him to take up the Cistercian life of work and prayer living according to the Rule of Saint Benedict. Travelling from Athens, Georgia where he works as a manager of a restaurant, Jason came to us having been discerning his monastic call for many years. Along the way he allowed himself to visit a number of monasteries, speaking with his spiritual director regularly, relying on the wisdom and insight of his spiritual director as he came to more fully understand God’s will for him. Please keep Jason in your prayers as he begins the formal process of application to enter Mepkin.

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