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On Holy Thursday it is the tradition of the Mepkin Community to have the Mandatum — the washing of the feet (some prefer only to have their hands washed) — at our main meal, rather than at the Eucharist. The Abbot and the Council then serve the solemn and joyous meal to all our guests, employees, retreatants and the community. Let us continue to serve one another and so fulfill the mandatum, the commandment of the Lord Jesus to love one another as he has loved us.

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Brother Michelangelo Colussi Died on February 28, 2015

Brother Michelangelo Colussi died just three weeks after arriving at Mepkin to begin his observership. He had spent most of his adult life in monasteries throughout the world, but found the Trappists only three years ago.0

Born in Argentina on March 28, 1957, he came to Mepkin on February 7, 2015. He was found in a coma induced by extremely low blood sugar on February 21. Despite all the best efforts of the emergency room and hospital personnel, he never woke from this coma. He was received into the community as a postulant on February 23 and died on February 28. His body was received on Tuesday, March 3 and he was buried on Wednesday, March 4 in the Abbey cemetery.

He is survived by his 83 year old mother and his one sibling, Ernesto. Both live in Argentina. Ernesto and his wife Liliana have four children, 22, 20, 14 and 8.

Please read Abbot Stan’s homily for more details of this remarkable man.

Memorial Card

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Father Ladislaus Orsy, S.J. visited Mepkin March 6 – March 15, 2015

Returning to share his wisdom with us at Mepkin, Father Ladislaus Orsy, S.J. arrived on March 6th the afternoon that we ended our retreat. In arranging the visit, Fr. Orsy offered to be of service to the community during his time at Mepkin and the abbot asked Father Orsy to speak to the men in formation and to lead several chapters for the entire community.

Father Ladislaus Orsy, S.J.

Father Ladislaus Orsy, S.J.

In open discussions with the postulants and juniors, Father Orsy responded to questions, weaving in teaching on quite a number of theological subjects. Always drawing them to appreciate the moment in church history where we find ourselves, he made many references to the Second Vatican Council and the richness to be found in the documents of the Council.

The style of the chapters echoed that of the sessions with the men in formation. In conversation, questions were raised or Father Orsy Orsy was asked to comment on some particular area in the life of the Church. Mention was made of an emphasis on mercy in the teaching of Pope Francis and his two predecessors. Collaboration among the members in the Body of Christ is a very important as we go forward. The work of bishops as they call and guide God’s People to embrace their full dignity through baptism was mentioned. And the matter of understanding the ways in which the Holy Spirit is at work in the present time summoning us to live fully and deeply our faith in God.

The Mepkin community is grateful to Father Orsy for making time to be with us and offer us insight from own faith and life in the church.

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