The Monks at Mepkin Abbey

Mission Statement

Top row: Columba, Guerric, Stephen, Stan, Joseph, Paul, Vincent | Bottom row: Francis, Joe, Gerard Jonas, Kevin, John, Juan

Prayer for Monastic Vocations

Gracious and loving God
In every generation you call men and women
to leave everything
following Christ into the desert
being of one mind in peace, humulity and simplicity

We come before you now asking for the grace
to be faithful to our vocation
striving to live in the communion of Love which surpasses all other gifts

May men and women of our time
hear the call to live the Gospel in the monastic way
in servce of the Church’s mission
by constantly seeking your face in prayer, work and community life

Remember our Cistercian communities
those aging and those newly born
throughout the world, north and south, east and west

As you have done from the days of our founders
bless us once again
May our brotherhood at Mepkin grow in numbers, in grace and in wisdom
so that we might continue to live for your glory with greaters vigor
and with joy never ending.