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Mepkin Abbey Dried Mushrooms

$12 each  |  2 oz bag
BUY 4 & SAVE:  Shipping & handling is $10 for up to 4 bags in the same order.  Stock up and save!

Mepkin Abbey dried mushrooms come in 2-oz sealed bags; each bag contains dried oyster mushrooms.  These 2 ounces will hydrate into one pound of mushrooms.  Follow directions on the bag for hydrating or just put them directly into soup and other dishes. Here are some recipes for the mushrooms https://mepkinabbey.org/mushroom-recipes/.

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Mepkin Abbey Fruitcakes

$32 each  |  2 lb cake – SOLD OUT
(Shipping & handling is $15 per cake)

$22 each | 1 lb cake – SOLD OUT
Available in-store only

Mepkin Abbey Mushrooms

It is with great pleasure that we offer our fresh and dried shiitake and oyster mushrooms in select grocery stores in the Low Country, including Whole Foods. Fresh mushrooms are available in our store and in the Moncks Corner Piggly Wiggly.  Our dried and powdered mushrooms are available for sale in the Abbey Store. Our White Oyster Mushrooms are also featured in select downtown Charleston restaurants. Cooking with dried mushrooms is easy.  Just check out some of these recipes. Oyster mushrooms have long been cultivated in Asia for their medical benefits as well as excellent taste, and are a rich source of B-Vitamins.   Dried mushrooms have a concentrated and powerful flavor, so you need less of them per recipe.

ABC News 4 visited Mepkin to report on the abbey’s mushroom production.

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