Welcome to Zip Code Contemplation (ZCC)!

At the Retreat Center, we often hear from retreatants as their time at Mepkin draws to a close that they wish they had someone at home or in their church with whom they could continue their exploration of the contemplative path.

The ZCC  program is a response to that need and is a structured contemplative small group experience.  ZCC gatherings enable group members to stay engaged with others as, together, you seek to deepen the contemplative dimension of life . The goal of ZCC is to provide both community and learning content to foster and focus your contemplative practice.

The name – Zip Code Contemplation- derives from the original concept with envisioned groups organized by geography – hence,  Zip Code.  Very quickly we realized that web technologies (like Skype, Facetime, and Zoom) would enable us to offer small groups to a greater number of people.

The ZCC groups are comprised typically of 5-12  people  and are led by a trained convener.  The small groups may meet in person or online.  The online groups make it possible for people to connect even at great distance and from locales where there may not be others interested in developing the contemplative dimension of life.

The study-reflection material may vary from audio recordings to books or other media.  Materials are carefully chosen with an eye towards continuing to strengthen one’s contemplative practice.

At present, in our inaugural year,  we have 36 groups with participants drawn from  North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, DC, Maine, Kentucky, Florida, and Maryland.

This is your invitation to stay connected with Mepkin Abbey through the ZCC groups.   Interested?   If so, please contact us at  mepkinzcc@gmail.com or fill out the contact card in your key packet.

Blessings and Peace to you in 2020!

Please note:  The ZCC webpages are under construction- please bear with us while we continue to gather resources for this page.