2018 Mepkin Abbey Crèche Festival “Sheep and Shepherds”

Thanks to the hard work of all the volunteers and community at Mepkin, the 2018 Crèche Festival was a wonderful way for many Lowcountry families to begin their Christmas celebrations. A total of 8,361 visitors enjoyed the displays. A highlight of the festival was the addition of 97 sheep decorated by people from all around the Lowcountry. Visitors to the festival voted for their favorites. Here are the top five:

#1. Custom Spark Plug Sheep, by Dennis Nelson. Designed from wire mesh and 2,600 spark plugs and other auto parts (1,396 votes).

#2. Clothespins Sheep, by Mary Brazier. Designed with over 2,600 standard clothespins, 50 mini clothespins, 150 tiny clothespins, and over 200 other wooden shapes and pegs (521 votes).

#3. Surfside with Shells, by Kaylin Brazier. Designed with seashells, pearls, rhinestones, see glass, and paint (442 votes)

#4. Puzzle Sheep, by Dale Howard. Designed from painted puzzle pieces, cardboard, hot glue, and marbles (357 votes).

#5. Spanish Moss Sheep, by Fr. Gerard Jonas & Brs. Vincent and Paul. Designed from Mepkin Spanish moss, Live Oak bark, Crepe Myrtle bark, Palmetto fiber, and acorn caps (259 votes).