Things to Consider

When Considering a Vocation:

As one determines their proper path forward in life, the world tells you to ask yourself: “Who do I want to be? What do I want to do with my life?”  These are valid and important questions. However the journey in faith refocuses such questioning and presents the believer with potentially disquieting replacements.

“Who is God inviting me to become? What is God asking me to do with my life?”

Again and again scripture brings us to see God redirecting men and women of faith; asking them to take risks and be uncomfortable for the sake of the kingdom. Who is God inviting you to become? How is God asking you to use the wonderful gifts and talents God has given you?

Things to Consider

  • Change

    Are you willing to enter into a very different Christian way of life which will demand that you partially change your present way of doing things?

  • Direction

    Can you take directions, corrections, criticisms, and directives from others in authority, such as an abbot, novice director, or the person in charge of your work?

  • Work

    Can you work or learn to work at whatever task is assigned, and even find satisfaction in it?

  • Relationship

    Do you value human relationships and are you willing to cultivate them?

  • Response

    Can you respond positively to the inevitable confrontations and conflicts that are part of all human relationships, and which call us to personal conversion?

  • Time

    Can you spend time in solitude so that it is creative and conducive to growth?

  • Prayer

    Are you drawn to a life of prayer? Are you inclined to more than just “saying prayers” or devoting only moments of the day to prayer? Are you interested in a whole life of continual prayer that permeates every dimension of life?