Mepkin’s church renovations completed

Exterior Church Renovations Completed

The first phase of the renovation of our church has now been completed. The work on the exterior has taken a few months, and the church is now being used again as normal. The work consisted of the replacement of sixteen clerestory windows, the wood structure around several windows, and the reordering of the flashing around them. In addition, walls were repaired, as well as the roof joints. The staining on the church has been removed, and a new layer of stucco has been applied. All of the windows have been sealed to protect them from leaks, so hopefully there will be no more water dripping into the church during heavy rainstorms. The cross and the anchor on the roof of the church have been repainted as well. The next phase will be working to develop the plans for the repair and upgrading of the interior of the church, and we will keep you posted on the website.