Monastic Institute Week 2

Monastic Institute Week 2The Monastic Institute continued with Fr. Luke Dysinger giving class on “Care of the Sick and Vulnerable,” “Liturgical, Life Spiritual Practice and Contemplative Prayer,” and “Divinization in the Rule and Life of Benedict.” Father Luke’s depth of knowledge and familiarity with monastic life made a deep impression on everyone who listened to him, and he received warm tributes from all before he left us to return home.

The members of the Institute continued to work with the monks in the mornings and go to class in the afternoon, with a question and answer session in the evening. On Thursday, July 12th, they, along with the monastic community, attended the funeral of a former monk, Joshua Lee Shlosberg, and it was a very moving occasion for all. On Saturday, July 14th, Lee, Luke, Fr. Bill, and Kyle shared with the members of the Institute and the monastic community their experiences, their ups and downs, of their second week of the Institute. This Chapter also gave the opportunity to greet the next speaker, Mother Rebekka Willekes, OCSO, from the Netherlands. Mother Rebekka is Superior of the Cistercian Women’s Monastery in Klaarland, Belgium. Everyone introduced themselves, and she gave an account of the important stepping stones in her life. All are looking forward to hearing her talks beginning Monday, July 16.