Bringing Contemplation Home

A Progress Report on Bringing Contemplation HomeMepkin Abbey introduces Zip Code Contemplation in 2019!

This program invites retreatants to stay connected and engaged in continuing to deepen the contemplative dimension of their lives. Our goal is to provide both community and content to foster, and focus, each person’s contemplative practice.

The initial concept envisioned groups of 6-10 retreatants organized by zip code and meeting at a specific location. Due to an overwhelming interest in the program from about 400 people, a new concept emerged to include also hosting meetings that are live, in-person, and leverage technology, so retreatants can join from home or any place with internet access.

We will conduct a pilot early in 2019 in preparation for a successful launch of all groups in April/May. The program structure includes groups of 6-10 persons, who have made a retreat at Mepkin Abbey, coming together monthly for 60-90 minutes led by a trained convener. Prior to the meeting, each participant listens to an audio presentation on a pre-selected topic followed by 15 minutes of contemplative journaling. During the meeting, participants share one highlight that touched them from the audio presentation without crosstalk…then journaling…sharing…group silence…and closing prayer. After the meeting, participants are encouraged to connect with those who share a common interest or live in the same area

Keep this endeavor in your prayers as we move forward,

Father Guerric