Retreats at a Glance

Retreats at a Glance

Here is a schedule of the retreats being offered at Mepkin Abbey this year. Dates not mentioned are reserved for folks who wish to make a private or individual retreat (unless the monastery has reserved them for other purposes.) More information about these retreats and the suggested donation can be found on the schedule when these months are posted for booking. To book a retreat, click here

St. Francis Retreat Center 2020 Calendar | A Preview of Upcoming Retreats

Feb. 3-7 Clergy Retreat

Feb. 21-24 Initial Enneagram Retreat with Dr. Christine King

March 11 Mini Lenten Retreat with Sr. Gay Rowzie and Sr, Susan Schorsten, 10 am-3 pm (bring a bag lunch)

March 16-20 Initial Elder Eldering Retreat with Fr. Guerric, Kathy Tosney, Lyndall Hare, and Mary McNamara

March 24 Public Lecture-“The Nature of Archetypes” with Carole Pearson 2-4 pm, in the Library

March 27-30 Centering Prayer Retreat with Fr. Guerric

March 30-April 3 Ignatian Retreat with Kathy Tosney and Donna Meyer

April 17-20 Yoga Retreat with Diane Long

April 24-27 Elder Retreat “Who Are We Now?”: Elders and Archetypes

May 4-8 Theme Retreat w/ Sr. Gay Rowzie and Sr. Susan Schorsten: “The Four Women Doctors of the Church”

May 8-11 “Midlife Transition Retreat” with Fr. Guerric, Margaret Hagood, Pedro Garcia, and Cara Cotter

May 11-15 Initial Elder Eldering Retreat with Fr. Guerric, Kathy Tosney, Lyndall Hare, and Mary McNamara

May 15-18 Ignatian Retreat with Kathy Tosney and Mary Pat Barth

May 29 Public Performance “Merton and Me” written and presented by Douglas Hertler and Doug Lory

May 29-June 1 Merton Retreat with Fr. Guerric, Douglas Hertler, and Paul Pearson

June 1-5 Centering Prayer Retreat with Fr. Guerric

June 15-19 “Contemplating Christ” Retreat with Fr. Vincent Pizzuto

June 19 Public Lecture “Becoming a Contemplative Community”

June 26-29 Urban Contemplatives Retreat with Will Bryant and Barbara Pendergrast

Aug. 7-10 Advanced Elder Retreat: “Stories of the Second Half of Life”

Aug. 10-14 “Wisdom of the Mystics” Retreat with Carl McColman

Aug. 24-28 Advanced Enneagram Retreat with Dr. Christine King

Sept. 7-11 Ignatian Retreat with Kathy Tosney and Fr. Jim Bowler, SJ

Sept. 11-14 Advanced Elder Retreat: “Living into the Octogenarian Years” with Fr. Guerric, Marcy Walsh, Mary McNamara, and Mahan Siler

Sept. 18-21 Care for Caregivers Retreat with Fr. Guerric, John and Judith Byrnes, and Jonathan Wright

Oct. 9-12 Sacred Masculine Retreat: “Toward a Male Spirituality” With Fr. Guerric, Ray Horn, and Thomas Rini

Oct. 23-26 Centering Prayer Retreat with Fr. Guerric

Oct. 30-Nov. 2 Veteran’s Retreat

Dec. 21-26 Individual Christmas Retreat

Description of Ongoing Retreats

Initial Retreats for Elders

Intended for all first-time participants, the Contemplative Eldering Retreat offers an environment for personal and spiritual growth. Through personal reflection and hearing the experiences of others at a similar place in their lives, participants have the opportunity to view aging as a natural part of living–a blessing and gift from God.

Led by a monk, a gerontologist, and two other skilled team members, the retreat begins on Fri- day at 2:00 PM and closes at 2:00 PM the following Monday; or at 2:00 PM on Monday through 2:00 PM on Thursday for mid-week retreats. Registration is limited to no more than 12 persons.

For a registration form contact Fr. Guerric,

Care for Caregivers Retreats

Purpose: To afford caregivers and opportunity to come away for awhile, rest, and reflect on who they are in the role of caregiver. It will be a time to look back at when and how they took on the role of companion to someone who is ailing. If affords an opportunity to examine where they are physically, and emotionally in that role, and how they may garner strength and fortitude to continue on this challenging journey.

Contemplative Directed Retreats

These retreats are conducted by two priests and center around a Contemplative theme. Each day begins with a group session as well as a contemplative practice. Retreatants have the opportunity to receive spiritual direction and the Sacrament of Reconciliation and are free to join the Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharist with the monastic community. The majority of the day is spent in silence and enjoying the beautiful landscape surrounding the monastery. The retreat concludes at 10:30 AM on Sunday or Thursday depending on which retreat you attend.

Urban Contemplatives Retreat

This retreat will introduce several core monastic practices that can be adapted to the life of a layperson as he or she becomes more contemplative in their own surroundings. Fr. Guerric assisted by a team of other experienced Spiritual Mentors will explore a structure to enable the contemplative life lived in the monastery to take root beyond its walls. The retreat will help participants answer the questions: What is a contemplative experience? How is it cultivated? How is it possible to live a more contemplative life in the world today?