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Mepkin Abbey Mushrooms

It is with great pleasure that we announce the arrival of our fresh and dried shiitake and oyster mushrooms in select grocery stores in the Low Country, including Whole Foods. Our dried and powdered mushrooms are available for sale in the Abbey Store. Our White Oyster Mushrooms are also featured in select downtown Charleston restaurants. Cooking with dried mushrooms is easy.  Just check out some of these recipes. Oyster mushrooms have long been cultivated in Asia for their medical benefits as well as excellent taste, and are a rich source of B-Vitamins.   Dried mushrooms have a concentrated and powerful flavor, so you need less of them per recipe.

Mushroom Recipes | Nutrition Facts | Mushroom News

Mepkin Abbey Store

Mepkin Abbey Store is a place where the public encounters the monastic tradition. We feature books on spiritual and theological subjects and products from other monasteries, as well as beautifully handcrafted items and works of art from regional artists. Our famous mushrooms are for sale here.  Learn more about our store.

The Library Sale at Amazon.com

A large (and growing) selection of the Clare Boothe Luce Library’s surplus books are available at very affordable prices on Amazon.com. Book donations are gratefully accepted. Your books would either be sold online or sent to the Home of Hope orphanage for girls in Kochi, India. Its sponsor, our friend Paul Wilkes, was our guide in this new venture. We are grateful to all our volunteers and donors for making this project a good source of support for the Abbey. To volunteer or to make a donation, please speak with our librarian, Mrs. Vivian Kaz, at (843) 761-8509, or by email.

Tesoriere Collection of Paintings

In 2000, the work of artist Ugo Tesoriere, his entire library and the contents of his studio were bequeathed to Abbot Francis Kline and the Brothers of Mepkin Abbey.

Tesoriere was born in Brooklyn in 1923, the son of Sicilian immigrants. He became a medical doctor, practicing in New York City. When he was in his late thirties, after having collected the art of Degas, Morandi and Manzu for many years, he made the metamorphic decision to become an artist himself.

He traveled to Rome, Italy in 1960, where he lived and painted for forty years. He married Valeria Giannini, the daughter of an Italian diplomat, who became his guide to Rome and his artistic muse.

In the early 1980’s Tesoriere met Francis Kline, when, as a young Trappist monk, he was studying for the priesthood in Rome. They developed a wonderful symbiotic friendship; Ugo taught Francis about art and architecture, and Francis inspired Ugo with the fruits of his theological and philosophical studies.

Despite the many years and miles that eventually separated them, Ugo and Francis’s friendship survived and flourished resulting in this major gift to Mepkin Abbey in 2000.

As part of our mission to care for the collection and tell the story of this wonderful artist, we offer a number of works for sale each year.

Please visit www.tesorierecollection.org to see more of Tesoriere’s work and to learn more about this fascinating story.

"The evil of avarice must have no part in establishing prices, which should, therefore, always be a little lower than people outside the monastery are able to set,” so that in all things God may be glorified. "

Rule of Benedict (Chpt 57: 7-9) and (1 Pet 4:11)